Duet3D Duet 3 1XD Expansion Board

The Duet 3 Expansion 1XD is a CAN-FD connected expansion board for the Duet 3 Mainboard that provides a connection to an external stepper driver and associated peripherals. It has standard Duet 3 RJ11 connectors for daisy-chaining the CAN-FD bus and accepts up to 48V to allow sharing power supplies with stepper drivers up to 48V

Product No. M-FQV-Z1KM
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Features of the Duet 3 1XD Expansion board:

  • ARM Cortex M0+ processor running at 48MHz
  • 5V differential Step, Dir and Enable outputs for an external stepper driver (can be used in differential or single ended mode)
  • Two medium-current (2A max recommended) outputs at VIN voltage with PWM capability and built-in flyback diodes
  • One 5V-level output with PWM capability (3mA max)
  • Three digital inputs with permanent 27K pullup resistors, protected against over-voltage.
  • One thermistor input (reduced accuracy compared to other Duet 3 boards, so PT1000 sensors not recommended).
  • RJ11 CAN In and CAN Out connectors to connect to the Duet 3 CAN-FD bus
  • VIN: 12V-48V

The Duet 3 Expansion 1XD gives you the power to bring any stepper driver you want into your Duet 3 powered 3D printer. While the TMC 2160’s of the Duet 3 6HC are great general purpose stepper motor drivers, Duet3D has created the opportunity to other drivers and motors to be used within the Duet 3 family. Utilizing the CAN bus connection other other Duet products, this board can be daisy chained with other expansion and tool boards for a truly unique machine to suit your needs.

Standalone power input: If you need to run the connected stepper driver beyond the 12v or 24v of your mainboard, this expansion board has a standalone VIN accepting between 12 and 48v which is passed along through two PWM outputs that can support up to 2A each.

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