Duet3D Duet3D PanelDue 7i Integrated Touchscreen

A perfect add-on to any Duet3D controller board is a PanelDue integrated touchscreen that enables local control of all your 3D printer's functions without the need for a network or USB connection. Make your 3D printer or any Duet-powered device truly independent with a 5 or 7-inch touchscreen and macros for standard operations like machine motion and temperature settings.

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Never be disconnected from your Duet power 3D printer thanks to the PanelDue touchscreen

Installing any Duet3D controller board in a 3D printer is a fantastic upgrade that every hacker and tinkerer should experience at some point. Duet mainboards are powerful and feature-rich, but controlling the machine still requires a network-connected computer or directly connected device via USB. Adding a PanelDue touchscreen makes the power of a Duet board available at the machine, regardless of network connectivity or computer availability. Never be disconnected from your 3D printer again with an integrated PanelDue touchscreen.

PanelDue 7i Integrated Touchscreen

No matter what your setup, there is a PanelDue that fits and installs to the Duet board easily

Every maker is a unique individual with specific needs, and therefore not every 3D printer is exactly the same. For those who choose to upgrade their hardware with high-performance components, the Duet3D platform of mainboards and accessories is a great choice. The Duet controller boards all have direct connectivity to any of their PanelDue touchscreens, which are available in both 5 and 7-inch variants to suit any maker's needs. Both are 800x480 resolution, the 7 inch simply offers a larger display. Each PanelDue connects to the mainboard via a 4-pin cable that is provided and has a dedicated connection point on the Duet board.

The reverse side of the integrated control board

Technical Specifications

  • Resolution: 800x480
  • Mainboard Compatability: Duet2, Duet3, Duet Maestro

What's in the Box?

  • PanelDue Integrated Touchscreen
  • 300mm ribbon cable
  • 1m serial cable
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