Black SpoolWorks MatX Filament - 3.00mm (0.75kg)

MatX from E3D is an ASA based 3D printer filament perfect for outdoor or high-temperature applications where PLA can't take the heat. MatX is very UV and heat resistant as well as very easy flowing when heated. This means it prints beautifully even with tiny nozzles down to 0.15mm and cools with a satin finish.

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Strong parts that can take the heat

MatX parts excel in high-temperature and outdoor applications beyond that which PLA can handle. MatX is an ASA based filament, which shares many base properties with ABS, but is much more weather and UV resistant. For parts that will be in direct sunlight or in high-temperature environments ASA is a great choice because it won't warp or change color even after long exposure.

Easy to print

MatX flows super smooth when heated to around 250°C and as such is perfect for high-precision nozzles like the E3D's 0.15mm variety. The satin finish of completed parts is not only beautiful but also removes the need for post-processing. Improved layer adhesion over ABS also contributes to the ease of printing with MatX, meaning you don't have to worry about function parts failing under stress since each layer is firmly bonded to those above and below.

Pairs perfectly with Scaffold Snap

The chemical makeup of MatX and Scaffold Snap allows the two materials to adhere enough when printing to create strong support for the MatX. As the Scaffold Snap cools it becomes very brittle and will break away from the MatX cleanly, leaving only the perfectly printed part. This perfect pairing is very beneficial because you can print supports closer to the bottom edge of the part without having to worry about bonding the support material to the part. If using the same material for both support and the part you would traditionally need to leave an air gap to achieve this, but that also leaves room for the bottom edge of the part to droop slightly. MatX with Scaffold Snap ensures every angle of your 3D printed parts will be beautiful, whether they are connected to support material or not.

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 250±10°C
  • Bed Temperature: 110±10°C
  • Bed Adhesion: Glue stick when printing on glass

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