E3D E3D SuperVolcano Plated Copper Block and Sock

The SuperVolcano is an incredible hotend featuring nozzles up to 1.4mm and temperatures up to 400°C with the correct thermal sensing equipment. This heater block and silicone sleeve is the heart of the system with an incredibly long melt zone and room for a powerful 80w heater cartridge.

List Price: $76.90
Product No. M-PUT-KRVZ

Your one and done upgrade pack to SuperVolcano

With variable nozzle sizes available from 0.6mm all the way up to 1.4mm the SuperVolcano is applicable in a wide variety of applications where ultra wide or high speed are important factors. And with this standard Plated Copper heater block, the SuperVolcano welcomes temperatures upwards of 400°C with an upgraded temperature sensor. The standard Thermistor Cartridge will do just fine for standard operation but upgrading to the PT100 or Type-K Thermocouple is required for temperatures above 300°C.

What's in the box?

  • SuperVolcano Plated Copper Heater Block
  • Silicone Glass Fiber insulating sleeve
  • 4 grub screws
  • Hex Key

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