E3D E3D Volcano Eruption Pack - 3.00mm (24v)

The E3D Volcano is the earth-shattering eruption that the 3D printing world wants - nay - needs! Larger prints can now be accomplished in nearly half the time with the addition of the Volcano to any E3D Hotend (except the cyclops).

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Product No. M-WFW-KV5P

What's In the Kit?

  • Volcano Heater Block
  • 3.00mm Volcano Nozzles - 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20mm 
  • 24v 30w Heater Cartridge*
  • Thermistor and Fixings

Tired of waiting around for your awesome prints to finish? Well, wait no more! E3D's Volcano Eruption Pack eliminates lengthy print time and increases strength. 

The Volcano is unique because it allows your Hotend to extrude larger layer heights through bigger nozzles, thus more plastic is expelled per second. Naturally, this results in drastically shorter print times. 

Printing with larger nozzles and layers does not compromise the accuracy of delicate details in prints. With a properly calibrated printer, the Volcano is capable of +/- 0.1mm!

The Volcano Eruption Pack is a great way to speed up your printing process. Plus it is really easy to add on to nearly every E3D Hotend - the kit contains everything that you will need, including the electronics. Find the 3.00mm version here

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