Shining 3D EinScan Pro HD Handheld Multi 3D Scanner

The EinScan Pro HD is a handheld 3D scanner ideal for professionals in design, manufacturing, and digital archiving. It offers high-definition scanning with impressive accuracy of up to 0.045mm. The scanner is versatile with the ability to scan in both handheld and fixed modes. It can scan objects of dark/black color and casting metal surface swiftly, processing up to 3 million points per second. It's also lightweight, portable, and compact, making it easy to handle. Other key features include high-resolution details with 0.2mm precision and volumetric accuracy up to 0.045mm.

  • Scan accuracy up to 0.045mm
  • Scans dark/black and metal surfaces
  • Processes up to 3 million points per second
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High-Def, Accurate 3D Scanning

The EinScan Pro HD is a versatile, handheld 3D scanner offering high-definition scanning, fine detail, and impressive accuracy. It's perfect for professionals needing fast, reliable 3D data capture in design, manufacturing, and digital archiving.

Key Features of the EinScan Pro HD Handheld 3D Scanner:

  • Scan accuracy up to 0.045mm
  • Flexibility in scanning handheld or fixed
  • Able to scan objects of dark/black color and casting metal surface
  • Fast scanning by processing up to 3 million points per sec (via handheld)
    • <0.5s for every single frame in Fixed Scan Mode
  • Scanner is lightweight, portable, and compact

*NOTE: Flashing lights will appear in this video periodically through the rest of the video starting at the 3:05 mark whenever the user is scanning their model with the device.


The EinScan Pro HD captures impressive high-resolution details with 0.2mm precision, delivering unmatched accuracy up to 0.04mm for high-quality 3D modeling, in both fixed and handheld modes.

  • High-resolution for fine details
  • High accuracy in handheld scanning
  • 0.04mm accuracy in Fixed Scan
  • Volumetric accuracy up to 0.045mm
Fine detail on a model generated with the EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner


Scanning a wider variety of materials, including dark, black, and metallic surfaces, the EinScan Pro HD utilizes its modular design and multiple alignment methods to enhance efficiency and broaden application possibilities.

  • Scan dark, black, and metallic surfaces
  • Access texture scan with optional Color Pack
  • Utilize a turntable and tripod with the Industrial Pack


The EinScan Pro HD transforms 3D scanning with its fast speed, processing up to 3 million points per second in handheld mode, and capturing a frame in less than 0.5s in fixed mode. Its USB 3.0 enables rapid data transmission, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Highly detailed scan done on an EinScan Pro HD

What's Included with the EinScan Pro HD Handheld Multi 3D Scanner?


  • 1 x EinScan Pro HD 3D Scanner
  • 1 x Bracket (for mounting)
  • 1 x Calibration Board
    • 1 x Support (for this board)
  • 1 x Pack of Markers (for scanning)
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition

Industrial Pack (optional Add-on purchase)

  • 1 x Tripod
  • 1 x Turntable
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter

Color Pack (optional Add-on purchase)

  • 1 x USB Color Camera

What are the Differences Between the EinScan Pro HD and Pro 2X 2020?

EinScan Pro HD 3D Scanner EinScan Pro 2X 2020 3D Scanner
Model EinScan Pro HD EinScan Pro 2X 2020
Price $7,699.00 $5,999.00
Intended Application Faster Speeds. More scanning range. Best budget scanner for objects <100cm in size
Single Scan Range 209×160mm - 310×240mm 150×120mm - 250×200mm
Working Distance 510mm 400mm
Point Distance
(Handheld Mode)
0.2mm - 3mm 0.2mm - 2mm
Point Distance
(Fixed Scan Mode)
0.24mm 0.16mm
3D Scan Speed
(Fixed Scan Mode)
Single Scan<0.5s Single Scan<1s

What are the Technical Specifications for the EinScan Pro HD 3D Scanner?

SCAN MODE Handheld HD Handheld Rapid Fixed Scan
(w/ Turntable)
Fixed Scan
(w/o Turntable)
Industrial Pack*
No No Yes Yes
3D Scan Accuracy Up to 0.045 mm Up to 0.1 mm 0.04 mm
(single shot accuracy)
0.04 mm
(single shot accuracy)
0.3 mm/m
(Markers Alignment)
0.3 mm/m
(Markers Alignment)
--- ---
3D Scan Speed 10 frames/s;
3,000,000 points/s
30 frames/s;
1,500,000 points/s
Single Scan<0.5s Single Scan<0.5s
Point Distance 0.2mm - 3mm 0.25mm - 3mm 0.24mm 0.24mm
Align Mode Markers Alignment
Feature Alignment[2]
Hybrid Alignment[3]
Markers Alignment
Texture Alignment[4]
Feature Alignment
Hybrid Alignment
Turntable Coded Targets
Markers Alignment
Feature Alignment
Manual Alignment
Markers Alignment
Feature Alignment
Manual Alignment
For All Scan Modes
Single Scan Range 209×160mm - 310×240mm
Depth of Field ±100 mm
Working Distance 510mm
Light Source LED
Texture Scan Yes (with Color Pack)*
Set up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight
Special Scan
For the transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, please spray powder before
Software Included ExScan Pro
Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition
Output Formats OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF
Scanner Body
1.25kg (includes the USB 3.0 cable)
Temp Range
0 - 40℃
10 - 90%
Supported OS Win10 (64bit)


Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher; video memory: >4G, processor: I7-8700,
memory: 64G; interface: high-speed USB 3.0
Graphics card: Quadro card P1000 and above or NVIDIA GTX660 and higher; processor:
Intel (R) xeon E3-1230, Intel (R) I5-3470, Intel (R) I7-3770; interface: high-speed USB
3.0; memory: 8G

[1] Volumetric accuracy refers to the relationship between 3D data accuracy and object size; the accuracy is reduced by 0.3mm per 100cm.
[2] Select this alignment when scanning objects with rich geometrical features on the surface.
[3] Hybrid alignment means marker alignment and feature alignment can be switched automatically.
[4] This alignment needs Color Pack assisting, and requires rich color texture information on the surface of the object.
* The Industrial and Color Packs are separate, optional purchases not included with the standard purchase of the EinScan Pro HD.

What are Some Helpful Resources for the EinScan Pro HD 3D Scanner?

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