Elegoo Saturn S 4K MSLA Resin 3D Printer

The Elegoo Saturn S MSLA 3D printer is lightning fast without sacrificing a micron of print quality, all for an affordable price that puts it in anyone's budget. Equipped with a huge and powerful 8.9" 4K monochromatic LCD panel that prints with an HD resolution of 3840 x 2400. This means your prints will be so gorgeous in detail, you'll wonder if they were even 3D printed. This is all done at the remarkable speed of a two second layer printing time in the large print volume of 196mm x 122mm x 210mm (7.8" x 4.8" x 7.3"), so whether producing a single, finely detailed work of art, or a vast batch of parts, you'll be able to churn out astounding prints with dizzying efficiency.

Elegoo has also upped the value resin printer game by including an ethernet port on the Saturn, so you streamline your workflow and send print files from across a network. The manufacture of the machine is also vastly improved over comparable resin printers, with a double linear guide-way structure on the Z-axis and well-machined set screws on the build plate to ensure solid, steady motion and accuracy without regular calibration.

Product No. M-3Z9-VJNP
Price: $520.00
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Monochromatic LCD panels feature dramatically longer lifespans and maintain a stable performance throughout even the largest print jobs. Paired with the consistent curing exposure of the powerful and reliable UV light source, consisting of 54 UV LED lights with uniform light emission, you'll experience many more print hours on your Elegoo Saturn, and fewer attempts to produce the parts and works of art you need.


  • Printing Technology: MSLA
  • Print Volume: 196mm x 122mm x 210mm (7.7" x 4.8" x 8.2")
  • LCD Panel: 9.1-inch, monochrome
  • LCD Panel Resolution: 4098 x 2560 4k
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