eSUN eSUN Black High Precision PLA PRO Photopolymer 3D Printing Resin - LCD/DLP (0.5kg)

eSUN PLA Pro resin has been formulated to be a sustainable 3D printing resin. Synthesized from organic sources like corn and straw, just like PLA, eSUN PLA Pro provides a sustainable option for resin printer without sacrificing any of the printing quality you hope to achieve with this manufacturing technology.

Top eSUN eResin-PLA Pro Features:

• Sustainable origin
• High precision finish
• Several colors available
• Balance of hardness and toughness

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Esun eResin-PLA Pro is the Most Sustainable 3D Printing Resin Available

Where other 3D printing resins are created from petroleum-based sources, eResin is synthesized from renewable products like corn and straw, just like the PLA you might already be familiar with. This is done without sacrificing the performance and quality you hope to achieve with resin 3D printed parts.

Here are the key features of eSUN PLA Pro Resin: 

  • Bio-based and low-odor

  • High precision - print mechanical parts

  • Incredible resolution

  • Several color options

  • Compatible with RGB and mono LCD resin printers

Rely On Plants, Not Oil

eSUN eResin-PLA Pro was devised as a biologically based resin from the start. Most other resins and plastics begin as oil pulled from deep within the Earth, but eResin-PLA Pro is corn and straw converted to the necessary polyols by eSUN for regular 3D printing use.

  • Plant-based
  • Low-odor
  • Minimized skin-irritant
Vibrant Colors

Resin Parts

High Precision and High Quality 3D Prints

Sustainability isn't eResin-PLA Pro's only quality, its high precision and supreme surface finish makes is an excellent choice for any ornate and decorative products or functional mechanical parts.

  • Easily capture small details
  • Low shrinkage for precise features
  • High toughness for post-processed 3D prints

Compatible with RGB and Mono LCD printers

With the advent of monochrome LCD 3D printers, it's become harder and harder to find resin compatible with RGB LCD screens. eResin-PLA Pro has been tested to work with many RGB MSLA 3D printers with some slight tweaks to print settings

  • Exposure Time
    • Mono LCD: Up to 4 seconds
    • RGB LCD: Up to 14 seconds
  • Printing Speed:
    • Mono LCD: 10-15mm/h
    • RGB LCD: 40-60mm/h
  • Lower cost makes it easy to experiment
Resin Tool Kit


  • Color: White
  • First Layer Exposure Time: 30 - 60 seconds
  • Normal Layer Exposure Time: 2 - 8 seconds
  • Storage Temperature: Between 20°C - 30°C (68°F - 86°F)
  • Type of Container: Black plastic bottle
  • Container Dimensions (Approx.):
    • Weight: 500g
    • Size: confirm with inventory
  • Compatible with most LCD/MSLA and DLP Resin 3D Printers
  • Download the Safety Data Sheet


SLA Resin 3D Printer 0.05mm Layer Cure Time Bottom Layer Cure Time
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 3.5


Elegoo Mars 2 3.5


AnyCubic Photon Mono X 3.2


AnyCubic Photon Mono 4K 4.5


Anycubic Photon Mono SE 3.5


Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3.8


Voxelab Proxima 8.9 4


Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K 4.3


Nova3D whale2 3.5


Nova Bene4 Mono 2.2


Nova Elfin 6


Creality Halot One 5.5


Creality LD002R 8


Creality LD006 2



  • Wear protective gear such as nitrile gloves, safety goggles, etc. before handling resin.
  • Shake the container of resin well before using it.
  • Avoid leaving the resin in a vat unused for more than one day.
  • Do not store used resin in the same container as unused resin. Pour used resin from vat into a separate light-proof container.
  • Handle resin in a well-ventilated room over protective surfaces like a silicone mat, aluminum trays, plastic sheets, etc. when possible.
  • Cure resin under UV light before disposing with regular trash. NEVER dump wet, liquid resin in the trash unless it's being properly disposed of with hazardous waste. Contact your local hazardous waste facility for further appropriate steps.


Your success in 3D printing is our goal, so we have created some guides to help you create the highest quality 3D printed parts possible.

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Note, all Clearance purchases are Final Sale and not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy.

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