Formlabs Formlabs Form 4 Finish Kit


The Form 4 Finish Kit includes essential tools like rinse buckets, a basket, removal tool, and more for easy post-processing of 3D printed parts. Designed to streamline the finishing process and keep the workspace clean, this kit is ideal for quick part touch-ups and maintaining organization.

  • Streamlines post-processing of 3D printed parts
  • Includes essential cleanup and finishing tools
  • Promotes a clean and organized workspace
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Form 4 Finish Kit

Achieve flawless finishes with the Form 4 Finish Kit, your all-in-one solution for a tidy workspace and quick part touch up. This comprehensive kit includes rinse buckets, a basket, removal tool, scraper, jig, cutters, squeeze bottle, and gloves, ensuring easy post-processing of 3D printed parts. Streamline your finishing process, keeping your space organized and your prints looking their best with minimal effort.

Key Features of the Formlabs Form 4 Finish Kit:

  • Quickly & easily touch up parts
  • Keep workspace clean
  • Streamlines finishing process
  • Tools curated by resin 3D printing experts

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