Kodak Kodak Natural Nylon 12 Filament - 2.85mm (0.75kg)

Nylon has become an extremely common material with which to 3D print durable parts, thanks to its high impact resistance and dynamic flexibility. The next step in this material family is Nylon 12, an excellent material for printing high-stress working mechanisms, due to its improved strength and chemical resistance. Further, Nylon 12 is less hygroscopic than Nylon 6, allowing you to think less about drying and more about printing.

Product No. M-9JH-EFUG
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Kodak has long been experts at designing the material for creating beautiful two-dimensional images, and now they've brought their expertise into 3D. With a lovely natural hue and an amazing tensile strength, this filament has the excellent quality you've come to expect. Make it a Kodak moment.

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