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LAY-AWAY LAY-CLOUD Support Filament - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

Kai Parthy, the creator of MOLDLAY, REFLECT-O-LAY, and LAYWOO-D3 is back with a new series of support filaments: LAY-AWAY! LAY-CLOUD dissolves in water just like PVA, but is specifically designed for use with flexible filaments such as NinjaFlex and TPU.
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Kai Parthy, creator of MOLDLAY, LAYWOO-D3, and REFLECT-O-LAY is back with his LAY-AWAY series and four amazing new support filaments! These support materials were created as alternatives to PVA and HIPS and really open up the possibilities for your next 3D printed project!

LAY-CLOUD is one of the first support filaments we've seen specifically designed for flexible materials. It has the best polyurethane adhesion of his LAY-AWAY filaments, prints at 240 C, and dissolves in water.