MakerBot MakerBot Clean Air System for MakerBot Method 3D Printers

The MakerBot Clean Air is a smart HEPA filtration system designed to allow you to breathe easy and keep your working environment free of ultra-fine particles which might be emitted by your Method 3D printer during the fabrication process.

This add-on is ideal for customers who may use the Method line of 3D Printers in classrooms or engineering studios.

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Product No. M-KSW-KCUJ


  • Clean Air plugs directly into the onboard computer of your MakerBot Method 3D Printer, allowing settings to be adjusted on the fly based on the material being printed and the required internal chamber and outside temperature requirements.
  • Simple plug-and-play design.
  • Capable of removing up to 95% of ultra-fine particles, ensuring industry safety and compliance practices for users.
  • Activated Carbon Filter removes volatile Organic compounds
  • Automatic notifications for filter changes via Method’s touch control display
  • Easy removal and installation of replacement filters.


  • Method
  • Method X
  • Method Carbon Fiber
  • Method X Carbon Fiber

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