MakerBot MakerBot Composite Extruder for Method

The Composite Extruder for Method allows users to implement 3D printing with Nylon Carbon Fiber to create ultra-strong, metal replacement parts. The Composite Extruder for Method is ideal for applications that require loads over time, working prototypes for stress-testing, as well as end-use parts for a huge variety of professional projects.

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3D Print Strong, Metal-Replacement Parts Utilizing the Composite Extruder for MakerBot Method

The Composite Extruder for Method opens up new, advanced materials for users that want to 3D print with carbon-fiber infused nylon which is optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance.

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio - 110 MPa TS - for lightweight applications such as robotics end effectors
  • Engineering-grade stiffness - 7600 MPa Tensile Modulus - for structural applications such as vehicular brackets and inspection gauges
  • High heat resistance under load - 184°C HDT - for optimal under-hood and tooling applications

Printer Compatibility

  • Method
  • Method X

Material Compatibility

  • Nylon Carbon Fiber
  • ABS*
  • ASA*
  • PLA
  • Tough
  • PET-G
  • Nylon
  • PC-ABS and PC-ABS Fire Retardant*

*Only compatible with MakerBot Method X 3D printer

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