MakerGear V4 Nozzle - Stainless Steel - 0.50mm

The MakerGear M3 family of 3D printers are massively reliable machines that hold calibration and enable dependable, repeatable results. The stock machine comes assembled with a brass nozzle, perfect for PLA, ABS and more 3D printer filaments, but not recommended for abrasives like NylonX or Glow in the Dark materials. This stainless steel nozzle enables the M3 to print abrasive filament like the champion printer it is and is excellent for printing large parts that need strong inter-layer adhesion.

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Upgrade your M2, M3 or M3 ID for abrasive filament today

The MakerGear M2, M3, or M3 Independent Dual Extruder 3D printer is built to take on the toughest job's you could throw at it. Capable of creating strong and beautiful parts, the stock machine leaves only one thing to be desired - printing with abrasive filament. Enter the stainless steel nozzle upgrade, a direct replacement for the standard brass nozzle that allows the user to create parts using abrasive filaments like NylonX, Glow in the Dark, or Carbon Fiber PLA. This 0.50mm nozzle is better suited for larger models and/or parts that need extra-strong inter-layer adhesion. The thicker extrusion lines from this nozzle allow for more filament to be extruded, creating stronger layer adhesion and more overall rigidity in 3D printed parts. This package is a standalone nozzle, which can easily be swapped out to replace the stock unit.

The 0.50mm Stainless Steel nozzle

Easy to install for a quick upgrade

The nozzle on the MakerGear M2, M3 or M3 ID is incredibly easy to replace. They are constructed with female threads on the nozzle and male threads on the heater block, opposite from many other nozzle manufacturers. The process to replace the nozzle is detailed here:

  1. Unload any filament from the printer.
  2. Grip the hotend with an adjustable wrench.
  3. Use an 11mm wrench to gently unscrew the nozzle.
  4. Use the same 11mm wrench to screw the new nozzle on.

This process can be completed with the hotend installed on the machine, or you can remove the entire assembly and swap out the nozzle away from the printer itself.

A view of the hotend with the stainless steel nozzle installed.

Note: This product listing is for a standalone nozzle only!

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