MatterHackers MatterHackers Launchpad for Bambu Lab X1 Series - 1hr Expert Setup Assistance

Need some personal attention to ensure you get the best results from your very first print? At MatterHackers, it's our passion to give every person the capability to make anything through digital fabrication, and Launchpad is your ticket to 3D Printing success.

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Start Your 3D Printing Journey with Confidence

When purchasing your first 3D printer, everyone has a goal for what they want to ultimately create, but may not have all the knowledge and skills to go from purchase to printing. The experts at MatterHackers are here to help by providing the training and resources you need to succeed in the early stages of your 3D printing journey and set you on the path to continued growth. With Launchpad, we provide everything needed for your first completed print on your new X1-Series 3D printer (like the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon and X1E). There is a QR code on the 3D printer packaging that takes you to a series of videos that include a guided setup and calibration process to get you up and running. The guide takes you through unboxing, software setup, and machine calibration, all the way to your first completed 3D print. If you get stuck along the way or have additional questions not covered in the guide, Launchpad includes an hour of video conference time with one of our application engineers to go over anything from the guide you may want more discussion on or to look at your next steps in 3D printing.

Start Learning Right Away and Proceed at Your Own Pace

A successful 3D printing experience starts the moment you arrived at MatterHackers, and you can get started preparing for your first print the moment you check out. Before your Bambu Lab X1 Series even ships, you can get started preparing for success as digital content is provided immediately. The complete guide will take you through:

  1. Introduction to the X1 Series 3D Printer (and AMS)
  2. Hardware unboxing and setup
  3. Software setup - Bambu Studio
  4. Running your first print
  5. Machine Maintenance
  6. Additional Materials

Custom Experience to Suit Your Needs

Launchpad Basic is everything you need to get off the ground in 3D Printing with your X1-Series (like the X1-Carbon and X1E), but if you have a specific goal in mind, from creating a product with a specific material or finding the best way to 3D print your latest idea, you can add on additional Engineer Time to go deeper into the possibilities of your machine. From learning about succeeding with engineering-grade materials like NylonX and NylonG to designing your own ideas and creating them on your own machine, MatterHackers is here to get you started right. Additional available Services include:

Whatever you aim to achieve with 3D Printing, MatterHackers is here to get you started.

The purchase of MatterHackers Launchpad includes access to our exclusive launchpad service, available for 3 months after delivery, designed to assist you in getting started with your new machine.

For more information and to get started today, check out above or contact our Sales team at

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