NinjaTek NinjaTek Cheetah Sun Yellow TPU Filament - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Ninjatek Cheetah is a flexible filament capable of exceptional printing speeds, and is truly one of the fastest and easiest to print flexible filaments in the industry. Cheetah is also amazingly durable, with an impact strength 84% greater than ABS. Along with its high abrasion resistance, these features combine to make Cheetah the perfect use for applications such as seals, hinges, sleeves, and snap-fit parts.

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NinjaTek's new Cheetah filament is an industry-grade flexible filament that prints at twice the speed of other flexible materials on the market. Along with its high impact strength and abrasion resistance, Cheetah is the perfect blend of speed, toughness, and strength!

Key Features

  • Shore Hardness = 95A
  • Prints at speeds greater than 60 mm/s with standard ABS settings
  • Significantly greater impact strength than all widely used materials – 84% greater than ABS!
  • Industry leading toughness and durability to ensure longevity in printed parts
  • Abrasion resistance 40% better than ABS and 76% better than PLA
  • 580% elongation capabilities improve ability to withstand wear and tear
  • Patented low friction exterior allows for smooth feeding
  • Chemical resistance to many materials, including: naphtha, ASTM Oils #1-3, petroleum and freon
  • Consistent diameter and material properties providing reliable, high quality prints
  • REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant
  • 0.50kg spool

Printing Guidelines

  • Extruder Temperature: 235°C – 245°C
  • Platform Temperature: Room temperature – 40°C
  • Glue or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.
  • Top and bottom layers: 30-45 mm/ sec (600-1200 mm/min)
  • Infill speeds: 60-80 mm/ sec (3600-4800 mm/min)
  • Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available.

NinjaTek Cheetah SDS

NinjaTek Cheetah TDS

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