Formlabs Formlabs Open Material License for Form 3L Generation 3D Printers


The Formlabs Open Material License allows advanced users to experiment with any 405nm photopolymer resin on Formlabs SLA 3D printers, enhancing versatility and application range. Available for the Form 3 and Form 3L series, it requires a one-time fee per printer and is ideal for researchers looking to test new materials beyond the 45+ Formlabs options.

  • Compatible with any 405nm resin
  • One-time fee per printer
  • Expands material experimentation
  • Ideal for experts and researchers
  • For Form 3 series and Form 3L series
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Formlabs Open Material License lets you experiment with any 405nm photopolymer resin on Formlabs SLA 3D printers. Perfect for advanced users, this license broadens your material options and applications on the industry’s most reliable, professional SLA ecosystem.

Key Features of the Formlabs Open Material License:

  • Versatility—expand compatibility w/ any 405nm resins
  • Accessibility—one-time fee per Formlabs 3D printer
  • Empowering—freedom to try and test more materials
  • Ideal for researchers and experts looking to experiment
  • Available for the following Formlabs SLA Printers:
    • Form 3 series (Form 3 / + Form 3B / B+)
    •  Form 3L series (Form 3L / 3BL)


Print with any 405nm photopolymer resin using the Formlabs Open Material License. Perfect for researchers and advanced users, this license maximizes versatility and application range. Go beyond the 45+ Formlabs materials and achieve exceptional performance and reliability. Enhance your 3D printing capabilities and explore new frontiers with this powerful tool.

Formlabs Open Material License

What Comes with the Formlabs Open Material License?

1 × Open Material License

  • Depending on your selection at checkout, it will only be compatible with ONE of the following Formlab 3D printer series:
    • Form 3 generation (3 / 3+ / 3B / 3B+)
    • Form 3L generation (3L / 3BL)




What does the "open" in Open Material License (OML) mean?

Formlabs Open Material License grants expert Formlab users the ability to print with any 405nm custom photopolymer resin.

Is the Formlabs Open Material License right for me?Is the Formlabs Open Material License right for me?

The Formlabs OML is right for you if ALL of the following applies to you:

  • You have the desire, comfort, and expertise to use third-party and/or custom resins
  • You accept there is no customer support available for non-Formlabs resins
  • You accept the potential risks of using non-Formlabs resins

See SUPPORT & WARRANTY section for more info.

Can the Open Material License be applied to multiple Formlabs 3D Printers?

No. One license works per compatible Formlabs 3D printer.


Which Formlab 3D printers can I purchase an Open Material License for?

OML is currently available for Form 3 series (Form 3 / 3+ / 3B / 3B+) and Form 3L series (3L / 3BL) 3D printers. Be sure to select the correct option at checkout.

Is the Formlabs Open Material License a one-time fee?

Yes! Formlabs OML is a one-time license fee per compatible Formlabs 3D printer.

Is there bulk discounting for multiple license purchases?

Bulk discounting is unavailable for Open Material License.

Can I purchase a license for a refurbished Form 3 generation printer?



Is Open Material Licence transferable to other printers in any event?

In most cases, no. OML is tied to the printer's unique serial name. Licenses are non-transferable once the license number has been activated on the 3D printer.

  • A unique exception is if you have an authorized RMA for a printer with an Open Material License and need to transfer the license from the old, RMAed printer to the new, replacement printer.


Are all 405nm photopolymer resins compatible with Formlabs resin tanks and build platforms?

No, some custom photopolymer resins may degrade Formlabs Resin Tanks or build platforms. If you purchase an Open Material License to print with custom photopolymer resin, it is your responsibility to test the compatibility of their material with Formlabs Resin Tanks and Build Platforms.

When using the Open Material License with a custom/third-party resin, can I still utilize the automated resin dispenser or optional Resin Pump System accessory?

No. You must manually pour the custom/third-party resin into the tank and refill it if more is needed to complete the print.

Can a Form 3+ (not 3B+) with Open Material License print Formlabs biocompatible or third-party biocompatible materials?

Yes; however, the final printed part is not guaranteed to be certified biocompatible. Biocompatibility certification requires a validated workflow that includes specific print settings and processes. Using third-party materials and custom print settings means you must conduct individual testing and validation for biocompatibility.


Are there risks associated with printing with custom photopolymer resins?

Yes, there are additional risks when using Open Material License. Only advanced or expert users who understand these risks should use these features.

  • Some additional risk of damaging your consumables or printer
    • Ex: some photopolymer resins may quickly degrade the resin tank (leading to shortened resin tank lifetime), very low-viscosity material might splash outside a resin tank and spill into the printer, etc.
  • Risk of impacting print reliability and print quality
  • Risk of impacting part accuracy
  • Risk of impacting part properties: mechanical, thermal, chemical, biocompatibility, etc.<

Are there failure modes not covered by Formlabs' standard warranty policy?

If you have an Open Material License installed on their Formlabs printer, the following is not covered by standard warranty:

  • Resin spill
  • Resin Tank damage, wear, or leak
  • Mixer damage, wear, decoupling, or slow speeds
  • Build Platform damage
  • Any hardware damage caused by the evaporation of volatile ingredients in a resin

Note:  These failure modes are more likely to be caused by non-Formlabs resins.

What level of support is available when using OML with non-Formlabs resins?

Formlabs users who have OML and use non-Formlabs resins are responsible for creating print settings, troubleshooting issues, and validating prints. Customer Support cannot assist in troubleshooting issues that may occur when 3D printing non-Formlabs resins.


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