Formlabs Formlabs Form 4 Mixer


The Form 4 Resin Mixer ensures optimal resin mixing for peak printing quality. It's designed for durability and compatible with the Form 4 Resin Tank. Each tank should have its own mixer to maintain consistent quality, and having spare units facilitates easy material switching.

  • Ensures consistent resin mixing for optimal performance
  • Simplifies material switching with spare units
  • Durable, matches Form 4 printer lifespan
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Product No. M-Z11-M1SP

Form 4 Mixer


Achieve superior print quality with the Form 4 Resin Mixer, designed to keep resin perfectly mixed. Essential for every print, it's built to last as long as your printer. For seamless operation, equip each Resin Tank with its own Mixer, securing uniform quality across prints.

Key Features of the Formlabs Form 4 Mixer:

  • Keeps resin uniformity for peak material performance
  • Spare unit(s) simplify material switching workflow
  • Built to last as long as your Form 4 series 3D printer
  • Compatible with Form 4 Resin Tank

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