Formlabs Formlabs Form 4 Resin Tank


The Formlabs Form 4 Resin Tank enhances 3D printing with its compatibility with Form 4's LFD™ technology, ensuring high-quality, consistent prints. It features a durable, dual-layer film design, can last up to 75,000 layers, and comes with a reusable lid for easy stacking and storage. Designed for use with all Form 4 compatible resins, it allows for an efficient workflow when switching between different materials.

  • Compatible with Low Force Display technology
  • Durable up to 75,000 layers
  • Reusable lid for stacking and storage.
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Product No. M-RR5-HG58

Form 4 Resin Tank


Unlock seamless 3D printing with Formlabs' spare Resin Tank, compatible with Form 4's Low Force Display (LFD)™ technology for consistent, high-quality prints. Designed for durability, it lasts up to 75,000 layers. It includes a reusable lid for easy stacking and storage. Effortlessly switch between resin types with individual tanks, enhancing your printing experience with convenience and reliability.

Key Features of the Formlabs Form 4 Resin Tank:

  • Flexible, robust dual-layer film tank
  • Reusable lid allows for easy stacking & storage
  • Spare tank allows for efficient resin 3D printing workflow between different materials
  • Compatible with all Formlabs resins compatible with the Form 4 series
    • Compatible with Form 4 / 4B

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