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Peopoly Peopoly Moai Laser SLA 3D Printer - Fully Assembled

The Peopoly Moai is a high-performance, super-accurate laser SLA 3D printer that is available either as a kit that you can build yourself or as a pre-assembled unit. The Moai comes with instructions and a companion video to help you get your Peopoly Moai up and running in no time.

  • Super accurate
  • High performance
  • Can be built by customer
List Price: $1,795.00
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Product No. M-251-3KLL

Please Note: This printer does not come with resin. Please see Add-On items if you would like to purchase some resin.

Assembled or a Build-Your-Own Kit

This high-performance, super-accurate laser SLA 3D printer comes with the option of being pre-assembled, or as a kit that you can build yourself.

With the Build-It-Yourself Kit, you gain a huge amount of savings for a few hours of work. The Moai comes with instructions, and we have a companion video here that will help you get your Peopoly Moai up and running in no time. By building the 3D printer yourself, you will gain valuable insight into how laser SLA 3D printing works and a greater understanding of the Moai itself.

You can see the details on the Build-It-Yourself Kit here.

You also have the option of purchasing the Peopoly Moai fully assembled and tested by the Pros at MatterHackers. We build and test all the units before shipping them out, making absolutely sure that they are operational and up to our professional standards before shipping it to you.

So whether you want a ready-to-go, fully-tested unit - still far below the price of most other laser SLA 3D printers on the market - or a kit you can build yourself and save even more money, MatterHackers has you covered.


The Moai is powered by a ST 32-bit ARM processor, capable of interpreting Gcode and running the machine incredibly fast, allowing for high precision movements without having to increase print time. While most FDM 3D printers come with a 0.40mm nozzle, the laser spot size of the Moai is only 70 microns, or 0.07mm in diameter. This makes the 'filament path' a much higher resolution than any FDM 3D printer can accomplish. But since the toolpath is a laser curing resin and not a nozzle extruding filament the machine can print very fast and maintain low print times even at this high level of precision.


Making the jump from FDM to SLA 3D printing is a big change, luckily the Moai makes it easy by using Gcode - the same file type used by FDM machines. Instead of moving the nozzle around the build area, it's just the laser that travels and cures the resin to create your part. Slice your part in MatterControl, export the Gcode to an SD card and the Moai will do the rest! This seamless upgradeability makes the Moai the perfect 3D printer to start using resin based SLA machines.


  • Build Volume: 130x130x180 mm
  • Laser spot size: 70 microns
  • Laser wave length: 405 nm
  • Laser power: 150 mW
  • Machine size: 330x340x660 mm
  • Layer Height: 10 - 200 microns

Comparison of the Peopoly Moai VS the Formlabs Form 2

  Moai Kit Moai Fully Assembled Formlabs Form 2
Price  $1,295.00  $1,995.00  $3,499.00
Laser Spot Size 70μm 70μm 140μm
Build Volume 130x130x180mm 130x130x180mm 145x145x175mm
3rd Party Resin Compatible Yes Yes Very Limited

What's in the Box

  • Peopoly Fully Assembled Moai Printer
  • Standard Build Plate
  • PDMS Resin Vat
  • Keys to Door Lock x2
  • Power Supply
  • PC Power Cord
  • SD Card
  • Scraper
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Crescent Wrench Set
  • 7mm Socket Driver
  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Flush Cutters
  • Laser Safety Glasses
  • Letter from Peopoly
  • Calibration Test Sheet

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