Photocentric 3D Photocentric 3D Ultrasonic Resin Wash Unit - 15L

The Photocentric 3D Ultrasonic resin wash unit is the solution to washing your 3D printed parts in a wide range of sizes. This unit offers temperature heating and ultrasonic power to clean out excess resin, regardless of complex designs. Photocentric 3D wash is capable of working with all resins and pairs flawlessly with Photocentric Resin Cleaner solution. Optimize your 3D resin post-processing experience with the Photocentric 3D ultrasonic wash unit.

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State of the art ultrasonic technology capable of cleaning complex 3D prints

The Photocentric wash unit is made with high-quality SUS stainless steel plates designed with lifelong use in mind. Featuring a temperature heating component and equipped with robust ultrasonic power to clean most prints in just 5 minutes. Photocentric wash unit is suitable to work with resins ranging from DLP, Laser, LCD, and daylight.

Quick-release system for easy drainage and no mess

Photocentric wash unit features an outflow valve and pipe making it efficient to pour used resin cleaner solution back into the bottle for easy disposal. You can get 140 prints cleaned per 15L of Photocentric Cleaner in regular use before changing. This no-mess solution can simplify your 3D printing post-processing experience.

Technical Specifications

External Dimensions: 11" (H) x 13.4" (D) x 13" (W)

Internal Dimensions: 4.7" (H) x 10.8" (D) x 11.8" (W)

Output frequency: 40khz

Agitation Method: 30 x 40khz transducers

Suggested operating environment: 64.4 - 82.4 F

Heating: 4500watt heating tube. Able to reach up to 80 degrees and maintain temperature

Suggested operating environment: 64.4 - 82.4 F

What's included in the box

  • Lid
  • Tank
  • Basket
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Outflow valve
  • Outflow pipe
  • Clip
  • Drain Plug

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