Protopasta Protopasta Black Carbon Fiber Composite HTPLA Filament - 2.85mm (0.5kg)

Protopasta High-Temperature Carbon Fiber PLA (HTPLA-CF) offers increased heat resistance, rigidity, and structural support. Perfect for 3D printing items that require extra strength and heat resistance, such as frames, supports, props, and tools. Printable without a heated bed and can be heat-treated for increased heat deflection up to 140C.

  • Increased strength and rigidity
  • Easy to print like PLA
  • Heat-treatable for higher temperature performance
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HTPLA Carbon Fiber

Enhance your 3D printing capabilities with Protopasta's High Temperature Carbon Fiber PLA (HTPLA-CF). This reinforced PLA contains carbon fiber that is small enough to fit through the nozzles, but long enough to provide the extra rigidity that makes it ideal for printing frames, supports, propellers, and tools - especially for drone builders and RC Hobbyists. It is also made in the USA!

Easy to Print - Heat treat for strength

Printing with HTPLA-CF is similar to printing with standard PLA, and does not require a heated bed. It is important to note that the carbon fiber can make the PLA a little more abrasive when extruding, which can increase wear on your 3D printer - especially on lower end nozzles. The print temperature should be set between 190C-210C.

To take your 3D prints to the next level, HTPLA-CF can be heat treated to give your parts a potential Heat Deflection Temperature in excess of 140 C depending on processing. Protopasta recommends heat treating in an oven at 110 C (225 F) for an hour. If the part was printed with supports, leave them on during the heat treatment and remove them after cooling to prevent distortion.

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