Raise3D Raise3D N & Pro2 Series BuildTak

A brand new sheet of BuildTak for your Raise3D N2 or Pro2 3D printer!

These 332mm x 340mm (13.07" x 13.39") sheets help parts to stick and adhere to the bed very well while also making part removal from the bed easier. These sheets are ideal for a number of materials including PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET, LAYWOO-D3, LAYBRICK, TPE, Ninjaflex, Taulman 910, Nylon 230, Bluprint, PCTPE, and many more!

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Product No. M-DEA-5YV8

BuildTak printer sheets allow for terrific part adhesion and easy part removal for most materials. These sheets are a great alternative to PEI tape or Kapton tape. You can install these sheets faster and with less bubbles than tapes or films. BuildTak is recommended for use with nylons and t-glase as long as you also apply a small amount of glue to the surface of the BuildTak sheet.

These are sold as a single sheet.

Technical Specs:

Size: 330mm x 334mm (13.07"x 13.39")

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