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SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX v3.2 3D Printer - Complete Kit

Have you been dying to own the Rostock MAX v3 but couldn't commit to the kit's 20 hour build time? You're in luck, because now you can purchase it fully assembled! The Rostock MAX v3 has been a favorite of our technicians for years because of its laser-like accuracy, and the v3.2 update is even better in every way! The massive Onyx heated bed and extremely flat borosilicate glass build plate allow you to print almost any material (print PLA, ABS, Nylon, and more!). Please note that you will be shipped a black unit.
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The newest delta printer from SeeMeCNC is the amazing Artemis 300. It features precision linear bearing rails on an all new rigid metal frame. It also comes with a 32-bit controller with WiFi, a 350W AC auto-leveling, heated bed and an aluminum heat spreader under a borosilicate glass plate. It also includes a new triple-blower hotend, NEMA stepper motors, with options for dual-extrusion and carbon-fiber arms! This is an Almost-Ready to Print (ARP) kit - you will need to assemble the major components. Don't want to build the Artemis Kit? Check out the Fully Assembled Artemis 3D Printer

The Artemis 300 is a fantastic reimagining of what a delta printer can be. After getting feedback from the 3D printing community, SeeMeCNC set out to improve upon almost everything that their previous delta printer models could do.

New Rigid Metal Frame

The motion system consists of linear bearing rails for precise control over movements, which are controlled by the new 32-bit onboard motion controller. The DUET control board is also WiFi enables, so you can print and monitor the Artemis wirelessly and remotely.

All New Hotend

The redesigned triple-blower hotend gives you the ultimate in control for cooling your prints.

Redesigned Build Plate

The auto-leveling 310mm borosilicate build plate is rated for 350W, and lined with an aluminum heat spreader to get your bed temperature up to temp quick, with no cool spots on the plate.

Solid Engineering

The Artemis also has 0.9 degree NEMA 17 stepper motors, 16 tooth pulleys, powder-coated sheet metal parts on the base and the upper enclosure, heavy-duty T-slot extrusion towers, all assembled with injection molded plastic components. The Artemis really has been designed for every 3D enthusiast to last.

Technical Specifications

  • 290mm D x 525mm H (PEAK) Maximum Printable X/Y Area
  • 290mm D x 500mm H (Perimeter) Maximum Printable X/Y Area
  • .005mm MAX XY Resolution
  • Minimum Recommended Layer Height w/.5mm nozzle of .1mm
  • Maximum Recommended Layer Height w/.5mm nozzle of .4mm
  • Maximum Recommended Printing Speed @.2mm Layer Height 100mm/s
  • Maximum Usable Printing Speed @.2mm Layer Height 150mm/s
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, NinjaFlex SemiFlex
  • Max Heated Bed Temp 120C
  • Max Travel Speed 400mm/s*
  • Hotend Temp 280C
  • Power Requirements 110VAC @ 350 watts (not 220V compatible)
  • Overall Printer Weight: 46lbs
  • Overall Printer Footprint: 17.5in Depth x 20in Width
  • Overall Printer Height: 41.5in

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