Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum Hotend

The Mosquito Magnum Hotend, developed by the visionaries at Slice Engineering, is a radical take on 3D printer hotend form. With its improved separated module keyhole construction and its expanded hot-zone designed for high flow, the Mosquito Magnum Hotend is even hotter (and cooler) than ever! Pair the Mosquito Magnum Hotend with the Bondtech BMG-M Extruder for the ultimate lightweight, minimalist hotend configuration that does not compromise performance or power. With the Mosquito Magnum Hotend, you can eliminate heat creep, perform one-handed nozzle changes, gain more build volume, and 3D print at faster speeds than ever before.

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The brilliant minds at Slice Engineering have taken their already revolutionary Mosquito Hotend a step further with the Mosquito Magnum Hotend. Featuring an extended melt zone protected by a thermal insulator, the effects of active cooling and radiative heat loss are minimized. The Mosquito Magnum Hotend is capable of 3D printing at temperatures of 450°C which unlocks the use of engineering-grade 3D printing materials to create functional end-use parts like medical devices or automotive components. The extended melt zone and lightweight construction also enable 3D print speeds up to 40 cubic millimeters per second, meaning your 3D printing times could be reduced by as much as 20%! This is all achieved without compromising 3D print quality or resolution thanks to the steep temperature gradient created by the superior heat break performance, and high tolerances along the filament flow path.


The crux of the Mosquito Magnum Hotend's design is the separated module keyhole construction and the use of copper alloy metal. The frame at the cold end, which receives the filament being fed down by the extruder, is separated entirely from the heater block by four support rods. This creates a spacious air gap between the two modules, where a minimal, copper alloy heatsink guides the filament down into the heater block. Here, your mounted 3D printer hotend fan (Mosquito Fans available here) keeps the right amount of air flowing through the whole hotend. By combining each of these design elements, the heat creep effect has been effectively eliminated by the design of the Mosquito Magnum Hotend. The heat will stay contained just where it needs to be for clean, efficient printing-- all in an elegant and compact form.


Bondtech has created an incredible 3D printer extruder in the BMG-M model (M for Mosquito). Thanks to its dual drive hobbed gears, it is a small, swift, and precise 3D printer extruder. Combine the BMG-M with the Mosquito Magnum Hotend to create a mighty yet lightweight duo that allows for increased 3D printing speeds thanks to overall reduced weight, and the high flow capabilities of the Magnum Hotend! The Mosquito Magnum Hotend features mounting holes and locating indents designed to interface perfectly with the bottom of the BMG-M Extruder for a seamless installation experience.


An additional, exciting benefit of the four-rod design of the Mosquito Magnum Hotend is that the heater block is completely stationary, so inserting and removing your 3D printer’s nozzle doesn't move the heater block! With no need to hold the heater block in place, removing and installing your nozzle just became much faster and easier! The simplicity of installing the right 3D printing nozzle for the job helps ensure your finished 3D prints look and perform their best.


All of these incredible design elements of the Mosquito Magnum Hotend are achieved in less space than traditional hotends, so by installing a Mosquito Magnum Hotend, you actually open up more vertical build volume on your 3D printer! The only downside to this amazing new tool is that you don't have it--yet!


The Mosquito Magnum Hotend’s modular design makes it adaptable to almost any FFF 3D printer, and its ambidextrous, small form factor makes it ideal for multi-extrusion setups. Because the heat break conducts 85% less heat into the heat sink than your standard threaded heat break, the Mosquito Magnum Hotend can be mounted with an adapter that you 3D printed yourself! There are 5 different hole mounting configurations that can be used to install the Mosquito Magnum hotend onto your 3D printer, and printable adapters can be utilized to diversify mounting options available.

Here are some STL's you can download and print in order to mount your new Mosquito Hotend to your favorite 3D printer:

Adapter for E3D V6

Adapter for Prusa MK2S

Adapter for Prusa MK3

Groovemount Adapter

Groovemount Adapter for Titan Aero

Groovemount Adapter for Bondtech QR

Railcore II Adapter


  • Mosquito Magnum Hotend
  • Mounting Hardware including:
    • 9 x Screws
    • 2 x Washers
    • 1 x Zip-tie
    • Mosquito Magnum Hotend Hex Keys
    • Super tasty US-made gourmet lollipops


    • 450°C temperature rating (covers all 3D printable thermoplastics)
    • Only available in 1.75mm at this time
    • Compatible with both 12v and 24v Hotend Cooling Fans
    • Prints upwards of 40mm^3/sec
    • Heat transmission rate as low as 3W/m*K
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