Ultimaker UltiMaker Material Starter Bundle - 24 Pack of PLA


This bundle includes 24 spools of 750g UltiMaker brand PLA 3D printing filament. UltiMaker brand PLA is a reliable, high-quality PLA 3D printing filament that yields excellent dimensional accuracy and a beautiful surface finish to 3D printed parts. PLA is one of the most common thermoplastic materials used for 3D printing because it is very easy to use, possesses excellent strength, and can be utilized for a wide variety of applications. Create high-resolution prototypes or fabricate end-use parts to suit your needs. UltiMaker PLA is compatible with all 2.85mm 3D Printers, including all UltiMaker 3D Printers!

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24 x 750g spools of UltiMaker brand PLA 3D printing filament:

The Power of the NFC-Chip In Every Spool of UltiMaker Filament

UltiMaker's first-party 3D printing filament is known for its high quality and beautiful results, but also it also features unique NFC-chip recognition. This NFC-chip technology allows each spool of UltiMaker 3D printing filament to communicate with your UltiMaker 3D printer about the type of material, color, optimal print settings, and usage for that given spool of filament. UltiMaker brand 3D printing filament is able to be used with all UltiMaker 3D printer models, or any 3D printer that uses 2.85mm filament, but you can take advantage of the NFC-chip material recognition feature only on the UltiMaker S7, UltiMaker 3 Extended, UltiMaker S5, and UltiMaker S3.

A high-detail visual model of a luxury yacht 3D printed with UltiMaker PLA 3D Printing Filament. Note the beautiful surface finished that can be achieved when using UltiMaker PLA.

Unlock the Unlimited Potential of Your Application with High Quality UltiMaker PLA Filament

Quickly generate as many iterations of your design as needed with UltiMaker PLA. It can be easily 3D printed at high speeds and low temperatures while still possessing excellent flexural and tensile strength, good impact resistance, high hardness, and unparalleled surface finish quality. Utilize the dual-extrusion features of the UltiMaker S7, UltiMaker S5, or UltiMaker S3 3D Printers to create two-colored models; or extrude your complex 3D model with compatible support material such as UltiMaker PVA or UltiMaker Breakaway Support Material for simple removal of support structures. Take advantage of UltiMaker PLA’s low melting temperature and ease of 3D printing to rapidly prototype your next greatest design, create high-resolution models for concept visualization, or even create mold inserts for investment casting.

What Are the Technical Specifications for UltiMaker PLA?

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