UltiMaker UltiMaker Speed Pack

Experience a two-fold increase in your 3D printing velocity with the UltiMaker S series. The latest enhancements to the UltiMaker S series printers enable them to operate at speeds up to 100% faster. Consequently, you can attain print success rates exceeding 95% at these accelerated speeds. With the integration of UltiMaker Cura, the leading 3D printing slicer globally, and our advanced print cores and materials, you can boost your printing efficiency while maintaining high levels of print success.

This Bundle Includes:
- PLA and TPLA
- 0.80mm AA Printcore
- 0.80mm BB Printcore

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Product No. M-L5F-X7AR

Introducing the UltiMaker Speed Kit: Featuring the 0.8 mm Print Core – Your Shortcut to Rapid Prototyping

Maximize your 3D printing efficiency with the UltiMaker Speed Kit. This exclusive, time-limited offering includes a set of four 0.8 mm print cores—two designated for build materials and two for support materials—ensuring you spend minimal time waiting and more time refining your designs. To ensure your workflow is uninterrupted, we've also included four spools of material to sustain your printing needs. Additionally, an STL mount is provided to keep your print cores conveniently accessible.


The UltiMaker Speed Pack includes the following:

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