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Don't be limited by the size of your filament spool again - the Ultimaker S5 Material Handling Station holds up to 6 1kg spools in a humidity controlled chamber and automatically starts feeding from a new spool when another runs out. Controlled by the printer, the Material Handling Station can also change the loaded material to be configured for your next print. This accessory pairs famously with the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager to create the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle!

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Tackle huge jobs with confidence and maximize uptime of your Ultimaker S5 with automatic material reloading

For power users who utilize every square millimeter of the Ultimaker S5's huge build volume, a single spool of filament isn't always enough to supply an entire print, and you rarely start out with a full spool loaded. The Ultimaker S5 Material Handling Station holds up to six spools of material and will automatically detect any Ultimaker materials via their NFC identifiers. When the Blue CPE in bay 1 runs out, the Material Handling Station will automatically start feeding a new spool of Blue CPE. 3rd party materials are also supported but must be manually identified when loaded. Each bay of the Material Handling Station can supply either the 1st or 2nd extruder, so support materials like PVA and Ionic can also be held at the ready to ensure the success of your next NylonG print. The Material Handling Station uses same-material spools in the order you load them, so be sure to load your half-spools first to use them up!

Utilize high-performance Hygroscopic materials on the Ultimaker S5 with confidence

A great feature of the Ultimaker S5 is the ability to leverage the CC Print Core and Ionic Hi-Temp Hybrid Support Material to create large, complex parts out of advanced composite materials like NylonX and NylonG. Materials like Nylon, Ionic, and PVA are all hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the atmosphere and decreasing print quality. The Material Handling Station features an enclosed, humidity-controlled chamber to keep the moisture level down and increase the amount of time material stays dry. Print with hygroscopic materials with confidence on the Ultimaker S5 thanks to the enclosed and humidity-controlled chamber of the Ultimaker Materials Handling Station.

Always be ready for the next print thanks to automatic material loading with the Material Handling Station

The Ultimaker S5 can create precision, complex parts out of a wide variety of materials from PLA and PETG to glass or carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon. This means that your next 3D print could be wildly different than the current job. With the Material Handling Station's six material bays, your Ultimaker S5 will automatically unload the materials you are finished with after a print and prepare the new filament so after you clear the build area, the next print gets started right away. By loading your Material Handling Station with various materials and colors, you will be prepared for anything that comes up in your 3D printing workflow. You can be ready for your next print job by pre-loading the next materials even while the Ultimaker S5 is running. The Material Station is able to operate and exchange the currently unused materials while a print is in process.

Technical Specifications

  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Spool Width: 50 - 70mm (2 - 2.7in)
  • Spool Diameter: 197 - 203mm (7.8 - 8in)
  • Spool Core Diameter: >98mm (3.8in)
  • Material Capacity: 6 Spools
  • Material Identification: Ultimaker materials with NFC are automatic, 3rd party materials are manual
  • Feed Type: Dual-drive, abrasion-resistant gears
  • Printer Compatibility: Ultimaker S5
  • Dimensions: 491 x 438 x 400mm (19.3 x 17.2 x 15.7in)
  • Weight: 17.7kg (39lbs)
  • Warranty: 12 months

Whats in the box?

  • Ultimaker Material Handling Station
  • Material Station Cable (UMB Cable)
  • Power Extension Cable
  • Tube coupling collet x2
  • Clamp clip x2
  • Spool Holder Cap
  • Wire Cutters

The Ultimaker Material Handling Station does NOT include any filament, so remember to add some materials to your order!

***Please note: you MUST update your Ultimaker S5's firmware to the latest version before attaching the Material Handling Station***

Shipping Notice

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