MatterHackers Silicon Wafer Print Bed Plate - 200mm

Replace your glass print bed with a Silicon Wafer. The silicon wafer helps disperse the heat of the print bed in a more uniform manner than glass. Unlike glass, the wafer heats all the way around rather than only heating in the center. This wafer is helpful for large prints that require printing near the outer edges of a print bed.

List Price: $40.00
Product No. M-U0E-6LJL

This Silicon Wafer is the perfect edition to your heated print bed. It will help disperse heat evenly across the entire bed, and you can print directly on it! Before the silicon wafer, it was nearly impossible to have an evenly heated print bed. Now, it's easier than ever! 

One side is a polished silicon, the other is copper plated. Both sides of the wafer will work for printing. Simply place the wafer on your print bed, use clamps to hold it down, then you're good to go!

Thickness: 0.63mm

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