Version 1.2.1 of MatterControl allows users to send files from their MatterControl Desktop to the new MatterControl Touch, as well as to other MatterControl Desktops. With just a few clicks, you will soon be able to utilize MatterControl on multiple sources.


  1. Sign into your MatterControl account from MatterControl Touch

2. Go to 'Options' and 'Cloud Monitoring', then select 'Enable'.

3. Once the file has been sent from the desktop version of MatterControl you can find your file in the "Queue" ready for you to view and print.


1. Sign into MatterControl Desktop

2. Select "Edit" in the Queue.

3. Select the file, or files, that you want to send wirelessly to your second computer or MatterControl Touch and press 'Send'.

4. Select the printer that the MatterControl Touch is connected to, and click "Continue.

5. Once the file is sent, you can select 'Done' to close the window.