Intamsys 3D Printers
Intamsys 3D Printers

Intamsys 3D Printers

The Intamsys Funmat HT engineering-grade 3D printer is designed for printing with advanced, functional 3D printing materials like PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU. It is capable of achieving excellent 3D printed parts with features like a fully enclosed, heated print bed, chamber, magnetic build plate, and a 450°C extruder.

  • 3D printer designed for PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU
  • Fully enclosed, heated print bed and chamber
  • 450°C extruder for accurate digital fabrication

About Intamsys 3D Printers

The INTAMSYS manufacturer specializes in 3D printers designed to print PEEK and many other high-performance functional materials. The high temperature nozzle allows for the user to print with a wide range of temperatures with the provided and swappable hot ends. Print with both low temperature material like ABS, Nylon and PLA and high temperature materials like PEEK, ULTEM and PPSU among others. Everything is possible with an open material system with an upper temperature limit of 450°C. 

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