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Intamsys FunMat HT Enhanced High Temp 3D Printer

The FUNMAT HT is the high-performance 3D printer for manufacturers and prototypers that need to print with materials like PEEK, PEI, and other engineering-grade materials, and the Enhanced edition improves all the most important features, making this FUNMAT the best high-temp desktop 3D printer on the market, all at an affordable price. **SHIPPING NOTICE** Please note that due to the size and packaging of this machine, your item will ship on a pallet via freight, which could extend delivery times. If you are shipping to a residential address, the freight company will call you to schedule a delivery. Shipments made to commercial addresses will be made without the need to schedule a delivery.
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PEEK 3D Printing With Intamsys FunMat HT 3D Printer

The Funmat comes with an advanced thermal system design which includes a 90°C constant temperature chamber, 160°C heated build plate, and 450°C high-temperature extruder with all-metal hotend, making it specially designed to print PEEK and many other high-performance functional materials. The high temperature nozzle allows for the user to print with a wide range of temperatures with the provided and swappable hot ends. Print with both low temperature material like ABS, Nylon and PLA and high temperature materials like PEEK, PEI and PPSU among others. Everything is possible with an open material system with an upper temperature limit of 450°C. It's been used in every application imaginable in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Engineering, Research and Oil/Gas industries.

FunMat HT Enhanced Feature Auto-Bed-Leveling For Quick and Easy Calibration

With the FunMat HT Enhanced 3D printer, Intamsys has made high temperature 3D printing even more accessible, including adding the automatic bed leveling feature to the FunMat HT. This means that with every print, your FunMat HT Enhanced 3D printer will adjust to the exact printing surface, and any adjustment to your print bed over time will be accounted for. This will ensure a much stronger first layer adhesion, which is of course the most important layer to succeeding at 3D printing.

High temperature materials such as PEKK, PEEK and PEI can come at a premium, which means you need as few failed prints as possible. The auto-bed-leveling feature included with the FunMat HT Enhanced 3D printer help ensure that every time you press "Print", it can be a successful one.

New Ceramic Build Plate Ensures More Efficient Heating

Intamsys looked at every piece of the FunMat HT when designing the Enhanced edition, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the new build plate. By upgrading from borosilicate glass to a glass-ceramic composite, as well as using PI film, the FunMat HT Enhanced 3D printer build plate boasts much higher inflexibility and less thermal deformation, both for the plate itself and for your prints.

Improved Hotend Design with All-Metal Nozzle for Less Downtime at High Temps

Intamsys designed a spectacular hotend for their original FunMat HT, but they collected user feedback and improved the design for the Enhanced FunMat HT. This new Hotend has an improved design that maintains the high temperatures required for engineering grade 3D printing filament, but it's less likely to clog during printing, which can be costly to your production uptime.

The Hotend is also more easily swappable than before, so you can remove and replace it much more easily, thanks to its modular design.

Upgraded Enclosure Keeps Heat In and Saves on Energy

The beating heart of the FunMat HT is the heated build chamber, ensuring that every printed layer adheres properly in the toasty 90C air, and the Intamsys Enhanced FunMat HT has a more efficient insulation system which ensures that heat stays where it belongs, engulfing your print. The cool air outside of the printer stays where it is too, so there's less load on the heaters, and the printer stays nice and cool to the touch.

Lower power use and greater safety is why this high temperature 3D printer is truly Enhanced.

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume

260mm x 260mm x 260mm (10.24" x 10.24" x 10.24")

Build Platform

Aluminum Plate + High Borosilicate Glass

Layer Thickness


Print Speed


Extruder Temp.

Standard Hotend: Up to 300°C - High Temperature Hotend: 450°C/842°F

Platform Temp.


Chamber Temp.


Input File Type


Filament Diameter


Position Accuracy

X/Y 12.5µm Z: 1.25µm

Safety Certs

FCC and CE

Supported Material

PEEK, PEI, PEKK, PPSU, PA/CF, PC, PC Alloys, PA, ABS, Carbon Fiber-Filled, Metal-Filled, Fiberglass-Filled, ASA, PETG, ESD-Safe, HIPS, TPU, PLA, PVA, etc.

What's in the Box?

  • Power Cord
  • SD Card & Electronic Files
  • Card Reader
  • USB Cable
  • Cutting Pliers
  • Tweezers
  • Removal Tool
  • Glass Plate
  • Glass Plate Assembly
  • Nozzle Set
  • Filament
  • Allen Key
  • Socket Wrench
  • Spanners
  • Leveling Card
  • Oven Gloves
  • Feed Gear Nozzles
  • Driving Motor
  • PEEK Tube
  • Zip Ties
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Camera Guide