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Markforged 3D printers and materials are designed to bring industrial and professional-grade 3D printing right to your desktop. Create stronger 3D printed parts with Markforged's patented CFR (Continuous Fiber Reinforcement) technology. See what users have to say about Markforged: 

  • "Within about three weeks of receiving our printers, we had completely redesigned the robot with the carbon fiber layup and saved all kinds of volume.” - Kent Gilson, Haddington Robotics
  • “Once we realized the directional strength properties available with the Markforged products, we haven’t used anything else.” – Karan Singh, Manufacturing Engineer, JJ Churchill
  • “We’re now in the process of replacing, where possible, all our tooling with Onyx.” - Mark Statham, Production Engineering Manager, Dunlop Systems

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