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Installing a 3D printer nozzle correctly requires a balance of enough torque to lock the nozzle in, but without applying as much as to damage or shear the nozzle tip from the threads. While torque wrenches are available that could be used for nozzle installation, these products are typically very large and expensive. From 3DVerkstan, the creators of the Olsson Ruby Nozzle comes this SLS 3D printed torque wrench that limits the force you can apply on a nozzle to the exact 1.5Nm needed for proper assembly.

Product No. M-3FM-F8XC
List Price: $20.00

Never overtighten and risk damaging a nozzle again with the Olsson Nozzle Tool

Of all the components in any 3D printer hotend, the most likely to be the subject of regular maintenance or replacement is the nozzle. Given how many different size nozzles are available today, changing from one to another for your next project is more likely than ever. For many hotend designs, nozzle installation is also an important factor in overall hotend construction and must be tightened to a specific torque setting for proper function. Brass remains a very popular material for 3D printer nozzle construction thanks to its ease of machining and high thermal conductivity. However, brass nozzles can be relatively easily destroyed if installed with too much torque. This tool from the creators of the Olsson Ruby Nozzle is a lightweight, small tool that ensures you do not overtighten your nozzle thanks to the internal click-type mechanism. Simply screw in the nozzle like normal, and tighten it down with this wrench until it clicks.

Compact design with all the mechanics internalized

Perfect for Olsson Ruby and E3D Style nozzles alike

The Olsson Ruby family of nozzles are a fantastic choice for abrasive material like NylonX, but also print everyday filaments like PLA and PETG with beautiful results. Because of this, many people have adopted the Olsson Ruby into their 3D printing fleet, but for those utilizing E3D style nozzles of any material in the v6, Volcano, and even SuperVolcano family, the 7mm socket included with this tool is perfect for installing those as well. No matter what kind of nozzle you are using and how often you are changing it out, the Olsson Nozzle Tool is a must-have in your 3D printing toolkit.

Technical Specifications

  • Drive Size: 1/4"
  • Included Socket Size: 7mm
  • Torque Spec: 1.5Nm
  • Material: SLS Printed Nylon
  • Nozzle Compatibility:

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