BCN3D Epsilon/Sigma D25 Maintenance Kit

For Epsilon power users, you need to keep your machine in tip-top shape at all times. This maintenance kit includes the most common parts on the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer that can need replacing. Your Epsilon is always there for you, and this kit lets you be sure you can return the favor.

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What Can I Use the BCN3D Maintenance Kit to Do?

The BCN3D Maintenance Kit can be used for the following upkeep actions:

Lubricate and Clean Guide Rails
Clean and grease the axes of the BCN3D Epsilon using the lubrications provided to ensure smooth and accurate performance of your BCN3D printer's mechanical components. The Epsilon and Sigma will occasionally alert you via the touchscreen interface if it's time to perform this process.

Clean the Hotend
It's a good idea to perform basic cleaning of your BCN3D hotend anytime you swap filament, to prevent long-term clogging or general underperformance. Nozzle is clogging is sometimes unavoidable, however, so this kit includes all the tools and equipment to be able to quickly fix such an issue, and get you back up and printing.

Installing Shims
When printing in Mirror or Duplication mode, both tool heads work simultaneously, so both nozzle tips need to operate at the exact same height. Shims are installed beneath one side or the other of your print bed, to mechanically correct the Z-offset, if necessary.

Change the Hotend
After many hundreds of print hours, or several dramatic nozzle clogs, hotends can occasionally reach the end of their lives and will need to be replaced. This Maintenance Kit includes 2 0.40mm E3D Hotends, like the stock hotends that come with your BCN3D printer.

What’s in the Box:

  • Allen Key x4
  • Nylon Cleaning Filament
  • Set of Shims
  • Glass Printing Surface
  • Hotend - 0.40mm x2
  • Grease - 50ml
  • Solvent - 12ml
  • Lubrication Oil - 12ml
  • Purger Cloths x4
  • Magigoo Build Plate Adhesive
  • Calibration Gauge
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