BCN3D BCN3D Epsilon Metal Printing Pack

The Metal Pack is an upgrade for the BCN3D Epsilon Series to be able to print Ultrafuse 316L and 17-4 PH metal filament.

This kit makes available a new range of applications on the BCN3D Epsilon series:

• Spare Parts
• Functional Prototyping
• Tooling
• Pharmaceutical and Food
• Automotive and Aerospace

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Product No. M-HXR-2S53

The Hardware and the Software

BCN3D has also increased the capabilities of their Epsilon series by designing and deploying a new printing profile for metal, so the BCN3D Stratos slicer knows to avoid the internal tensions of the printed part that can be an issue with these materials, during the printing process.

Once printed, your parts can be debound and sintered using the DSH outside processing house, all available via the included Activation Code. The parts are then returned to you, now fully metal and functionally very similar to parts created using MIM or CNC processes, though with vastly expanded design possibilities, only available via FDM 3D printing!

What Is Included In the Metal Pack?

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