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ColorFabb Dark Gray nGen Flex Filament - 1.75mm (0.65kg)

ColorFabb's new Dark Grey nGen Flex filament takes the ease of printing with nGen with the ability to print flexible parts! Unlike other flexible filaments, nGen Flex is not TPU based, and is a completely unique filament produced with Amphora polymer FL6000. As a result, this filament is low-odor and styrene-free. nGen Flex has a shore hardness of 95A, and is durable with excellent chemical and temperature resistance.
Product No. MNJZHKF0
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ColorFabb nGen Flex is the perfect filament for beginners who want to start printing flexible parts! This filament has good printability on most 3D printers, eliminating the use for specialized flex extruders. nGen Flex is great for creating flexible, durable parts while avoiding print failures and the need to adjust print settings.

When we tried out nGen Flex, we were most impressed with its layer adhesion properties, resulting in great durability and strength even when printing at single layers. Additionally, nGen Flex has great temperature resistance up to 125-130 C. 

Printing Temperature:
240-260 C

Printing Speed:
40-60 mm/s

Heated Bed:
80 C

Build Platform:
nGen Flex gives best results on a buildTak covered heated bed - heated to 80 C.

ColorFabb nGEN SDS

ColorFabb nGEN TDS