ColorFabb ColorFabb HT White Filament - 1.75mm (0.70kg)

HT is ColorFabb's newest Amphora co-polyester joining the ranks of nGen and XT. Colorfabb HT is made with Amphora HT3500 3D polymer and boasts even greater toughness than XT, along with a higher temperature resistance of up to 100 C. HT is the most difficult ColorFabb co-polyester to print with, and is suited for advanced users. Just like their other co-polyesters, HT is low-odor and styrene free.

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Product No. M-X49-RMYU

If you love ColorFabb XT but need even greater temperature resistance and toughness, HT is for you! ColorFabb HT is made for advanced professional users looking to print functional, durable parts that can perform in real world situations. HT features the best mechanical performance out of ColorFabb's co-polyester filaments, as well as the highest temperature resistance of 100 C.

Printing Specs

True Diameter: 2.85mm
Print Temp: 260-280 C
Print Speed: 30-50 mm/s
Heated Bed: 110-120 C

Other Tips

ColorFabb recommends printing without cooling whenever possible to get the best possible strength from HT. This will result in better layer adhesion as well as less warping of the material. 

Like many other materials, it is recommended to use an additional build surface such as BuildTak when printing big prints with a large surface area touching the build plate.


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