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OBC (Olefin Block Copolymer) 3D printing filament is a breakthrough 3D printing material from the chemists at Dow Chemical. Designed for high-performance 3D printing, OBC is made from a unique polyethylene-based material that brings polyolefin material properties to 3D printing. It brings excellent dimensional stability and superior chemical resistance while remaining lightweight, and thanks to LayerLock BuildSurface for PolyPropylene, it's also incredibly easy to print. Step into a new world of 3D printing materials with OBC.

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Low Density, High Strength

Olefin is an unusual material within the world of 3D printing because it has very low density without sacrificing strength and toughness. OBC is approximately 30% less dense than PLA and PETG filaments. That means that a 0.35kg spool will print as many parts as 0.5kg spool of PLA or PETG. Low density by itself, though, doesn’t mean much. OBC also boasts awesome chemical resistance, a low flexural modulus (i.e. flexible), and extreme resistance to fatigue. OBC is a strong, flexible, and chemically resistant material that also floats on water - it’s almost magic!

High End Applications

OBC has a low flexural modulus . This means OBC offers flexibility that other filaments just can't match. Its extreme fatigue resistance allows you to print things like living hinges without the printing difficulty--thanks to LayerLock Build Surface for PolyPropylene--that many super flexible filaments have. These properties, combined with excellent chemical resistance, open up new applications 3D printing.

Educational Applications

OBC is easy to print and requires very little fine tuning with your printer. It is one of a few flexible 3D printing materials that is approachable to inexperienced users. Though easy to print, it still boasts breakthrough features that only Dow Chemical could design.

OBC is be flexible when a part has thin features, but can be fairly stiff when printing thicker parts. An example of this is a plastic milk jug and plastic cutting board. They are commonly made of a similar polyethylene material - one is obviously very flexible and the other is stiff. OBC is the next level of that very material!

Tech Specs

Nozzle Temp: 160 - 200C

Bed Temp: 60 - 100C

Print Surface: LayerLock Build Surface for PolyPropylene

Print Speed: 10 - 40 mm/s

Actual density: 0.905 g/cm^3 (compare to ~1.20 g/cm^3 with PLA)

Total Spool Length: 159.9m (compare to 145.51m on a spool of PLA)

To view or download the OBC TDS, click here.

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