E3D E3D Water Cooling Kit

Everything you need to operate your liquid cooled 3D printer hotend. It is designed to be used with E3D's new water-cooled Titan Aqua HotEnd but it is compatible with most standard water-cooling systems.

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Warnings: Not suitable for use with plain tap water! Use only non-corrosive fluid such as anti-freeze.

Quieter 3D Printing Experience

The premise of the water-cooling technology is in part designed to remove the main fan from the tool head in order to increase performance in the two-in-one radiator and fan design that is included in the water cooling kit. Overall it makes 3D printing more quite and lowers vibration.

Makes High-Temperature Printing a Breeze

The main improvement this water-cooling technology allows for is increased thermal performance even in warm and heated environments. This technology will essentially eliminate the printing differences caused by changing air temperature. The heat from the hotend is transferred into liquid and transported away from the hotend. Then, a large radiator and fan cools the liquid before being pumped back into the hotend.

Easy to Use and Modular

The new compact design limits the number of parts so it is easier to mount than other water-cooling systems we've seen in 3D printing. It is based on standard water-cooling parts so it is compatible with computer cooling systems that can be added where necessary. For example, it can be used to cool additional HotEnds or even motors and extruders within the print envelope. To furhter increase the ease of use, it can be used with any water-based coolant from Purified H2O to popular UV-toned brands.

Complete the Titan Aqua package

This item - the E3D water cooling kit - does not include the E3D Titan Aqua water cooled hotend and extruder required for a complete liquid cooled package. We have the E3D Titan Aqua water cooled hotend and extruder available as an add-on to complete the setup. Or, if you prefer to build a different system with your own components feel free - the only compatibility to keep in mind is that it is to be used a DC-DC converter in you are using a 24v printer.

What's in the Box

  • Electronics
    • 12V Reservoir-Pump
    • 12V Radiator-Fan
    • 2x Cables with Molex connectors
      • This kit is only available in 12v, so a DC-DC converted is required for compatibility with 24v systems.
  • Additional Parts
    • Silicone tubing (OD: 8mm; ID: 5mm)
    • Nylon tubing (OD: 4mm)
    • Fixings Kit
    • Tubing adaptors
    • 2x Collets + Collet Clips

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