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Formlabs Durable Resin is designed for users who need their 3D printed parts to be flexible yet durable, capable of withstanding significant impacts and wear while maintaining a smooth and lubricious surface.

  • Pliable and Impact Resistant: engineered to withstand deformation and impact
  • Lubricious Material: perfect for low friction assemblies and parts with non-degrading surfaces
  • Simulates Polyethylene: strength and stiffness of polyethylene, making it versatile for a variety of applications

Please Note: 5L bottles of resin require the Formlabs Resin Pump to work.

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Formlabs Durable Resin

Unlock the potential of your designs with the unparalleled resilience and flexibility of Formlabs Durable Resin

Engineered for those who demand both durability and detail, this resin is your ally in creating dynamic, high-impact prototypes and parts. Whether you're iterating on the fly or fine-tuning the fit and function, Durable Resin is crafted to endure the rigors of real-world testing.

Key Features of the PRODUCT:

  • Pliable Yet Strong: Achieve parts that bend but don’t break, offering a perfect balance between flexibility and toughness.
  • Impact-Resistant: Designed to take a hit, this resin is ideal for prototyping consumer products, packaging, and functional assemblies that face physical stress.
  • Lubricious Finish: With its smooth, glossy appearance, parts look and feel like polished, everyday plastics, reducing friction in mechanical assemblies.
  • Simulates Polyethylene: Mimic the strength and stiffness of polyethylene (PE), making it perfect for a wide range of engineering applications.
  • High Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with a broad spectrum of Formlabs printers, including Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+, and more, ensuring versatile use across your projects.

Who Should Use Formlabs Durable Resin?

Formlabs Durable Resin is for innovators and professionals who require their prototypes and parts to exhibit both high flexibility and impact resistance, ensuring longevity and functionality in real-world applications.

  • Product Designers: Creating squeezable prototypes and durable, functional parts that withstand repeated use and testing.
  • Engineers: Developing low-friction assemblies, jigs, and fixtures that need to absorb impacts without failing.
  • Manufacturers: Optimizing processes with rugged prototypes and parts that simulate the strength and stiffness of polyethylene.

It's Called Durable for a Reason

Choose Formlabs Durable Resin for unparalleled flexibility and strength in your 3D printed parts, ensuring they can withstand rigorous testing and real-world use without compromise.

  • Unmatched Pliability: Offers the unique ability to create parts that are bendable yet maintain their shape and strength, perfect for demanding applications.
  • High Impact Resistance: Engineered for durability, it's ideal for prototypes and parts subjected to stress, impacts, and repeated handling.
  • Lubricious Surface Quality: Produces parts with a smooth, glossy finish that reduces friction, making it ideal for mechanical assemblies and moving components.

Easy to Use & Post-Process

Form Wash Settings: 20 min in IPA - If parts are tacky after washing in IPA with over 10% resin concentration, switch to fresh solvent and avoid soaking Durable Resin for more than 20 minutes to preserve part quality.

Form Cure Settings: 60 minutes @ 60 °C - Post-curing is crucial for engineering resins to achieve their best performance; for Durable Resin, there's a single, recommended post-curing time.

Technical Specifications for Formlabs Durable Resin: 

Please note: 5L bottles of resin require the Formlabs Resin Pump

Printer Compatibility:

  • Form 2
  • Form 3
  • Form 3+
  • Form 3B
  • Form 3B+
  • Form 3L
  • Form 3BL

Resin Tank Compatibility: 

  • 5476
  • 5477
  • 5478
  • 5479
  • 5480
  • 5481
  • 5492

Build Platform Compatibility: 

  • 5482
  • 5491
  • 5483
  • 5484
  • 5503

Material Properties:

  • Type: SLA
  • Application: Engineering
  • Print Resolutions: Supports 100 and 50 microns
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 28 MPa
  • Elongation: 55%
  • Flexural Modulus: 0.66 GPa
  • Notched Izod: 114 J/m
  • Heat Deflection Temp @ 0.45 MPa: < 41 ºC
  • Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature

Technical Data Sheets: 

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