Formlabs Formlabs ESD Resin Cartridge - 1L


Formlabs ESD Resin is designed for creating ESD-safe prototypes and tooling in manufacturing. It features static-dissipative properties, high impact strength akin to ABS, and is ideal for automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors. This resin ensures operational efficiency and protects sensitive electronics from static discharge.

  • ESD-safe for electronics, automotive, aerospace manufacturing
  • Enables custom tooling, fixtures, etc. on the fly
  • High impact strength, similar to ABS
  • Cartridge compatible with Form 3 series / 2 3D printers
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ESD Resin


Boost your electronics production with Formlabs ESD Resin, the go-to for ESD-safe prototypes and tooling. Its combination of static-dissipative properties, high modulus, and impact strength ensure operational efficiency and increased yield. Ideal for custom tooling, jigs, and enclosures, ESD Resin protects sensitive electronics from static discharge, making it perfect for automotive, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing.

Key Features of the Formlabs ESD V1 Resin:

  • Produces ESD-safe prototypes and production tooling
  • Static-dissipative, repelling dust and powder
  • Cost-effective choice for durable, static-repellent parts
  • High modulus and impact strength, akin to ABS
  • Enables custom tooling, jigs, and fixture printing
  • Enhances operational efficiency in electronics manufacturing
  • Ideal for automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors

High Strength
69 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength
4.1 GPa
Tensile Modulus
105 MPa
Flexural Strength
Form 4 / 4B
Form 3L / 3BL
Form 3+ / 3B+
Form 3 / 3B
Resin Tank(s) [RT]
Form 4 / 4B RT
Form 3L / 3BL RT V2
Form 3L / 3BL RT V1
Form 3 / 3B RT V2.1
Build Platform(s) [BP]
Form 4 BP Flex
Form 4 BP
Form 3L BP 2L
Form 3L BP
Form 3 Stainless Steel BP
Form 3 BP 2
Form 3 BP

*The resin is compatible with these 3D printers. Please ensure you're selecting the correct cartridge compatibility at purchase as the Form 4 uses a different cartridge system from previous models. The listing you are currently on is for the Form 3 series / 2.

For the Form 4 series compatible cartridges, click here.

What are the Material Properties of the Formlabs ESD Resin?

Post-cured at 70ºC
Surface Resistivity 105 - 108 Ohms/sq
Ultimate Tensile Strength 44.2 MPa
Tensile Modulus 1.937 GPa
Strain at Break 0.12
Notched Izod 26 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperature
0.45 MPA
Heat Deflection Temperature
1.8 MPA

Download the Formlabs ESD Resin Technical Data Sheet
Download the Formlabs ESD Resin Safety Data Sheet

Formlabs Form Wash (Gen 2) Formlabs Form Cure
Duration Duration
20 min in IPA or TPM 60 min
Notes Notes
Do not leave ESD Resin in solvent for
longer than 20 minutes, as excessive
solvent exposure affects the quality of
the final part. We recommend washing
ESD Resin separately from other resins
to avoid staining.

Follow the post-curing indications to achieve
maximum material properties.

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