FormLabs Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin Cartridge - 1kg (0.84 L)


Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin, certified by UL 94 Blue Card, is ideal for producing durable, self-extinguishing parts with low smoke toxicity. It features excellent heat and creep resistance, making it suitable for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. The resin ensures detailed, high-quality finishes. Key properties include 41 MPa tensile strength, 3.1 GPa tensile modulus, and 75 MPa flexural strength.

  • UL 94 Blue Card certified for safety
  • Ideal for high-temperature, ignition-prone environments
  • Superior surface finish, mimics injection molding
  • Cartridge compatible with Form 3 series / 2 3D printers
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Product No. M-EGU-8RL2

Flame Retardant Resin


Ensure safety and quality with our Flame Retardant Resin, certified for its self-extinguishing properties and low smoke toxicity. This UL 94 Blue Card approved resin is perfect for producing stiff, durable parts for high-risk environments, offering exceptional heat and creep resistance. Ideal for intricate designs in aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications, it combines certified protection with outstanding long-term resilience.

Key Features of the Formlabs Flame Retardant V1 Resin:

  • Cost & time-effectively produce self-extinguishing parts
  • Self-extinguishing, halogen-free for enhanced protection
  • UL 94 Blue Card certified for safety
  • Enables detailed parts with isotropic, 25um XY resolution
  • Superior surface finish, mimicking injection-molded parts
  • Ideal for parts that will be in high-temperature or ignition-prone environments

Stiff & Strong
41 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength
3.1 GPa
Tensile Modulus
75 MPa
Flexural Strength
Form 4 / 4B
Form 3L / 3BL
Form 3+ / 3B+
Form 3 / 3B
Form 2
Resin Tank(s) [RT]
Form 4 / 4B RT
Form 3L / 3BL RT V2
Form 3L / 3BL RT V1
Form 3 / 3B RT V2.1
Form 2 LT Tank
Build Platform(s) [BP]
Form 4 BP Flex
Form 4 BP
Form 3L BP 2L
Form 3L BP
Form 3 Stainless Steel BP
Form 3 BP 2
Form 3 BP

*The resin is compatible with these 3D printers. Please ensure you're selecting the correct cartridge compatibility at purchase as the Form 4 uses a different cartridge system from previous models. The listing you are currently on is for the Form 3 series / 2.

For the Form 4 series compatible cartridges, click here.

What are the Material Properties of the Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin?

Post-cured at 70ºC
for 60 minutes
Post-cured at 80ºC
for 120 minutes
Heat Deflection Temperature
0.45 MPa
94ºC 111ºC
Tensile Modulus 2.9 GPa 3.1 GPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength 38.5 MPa 41.2 MPa
Elongation at Break 0.094 0.071
Notched Izod 22.1 J/m 22.4 J/m

Download the Flame Retardant Resin Technical Data Sheet
Download the Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin Safety Data Sheet

Formlabs Form Wash (Gen 2) Formlabs Form Cure
Duration Duration
10 min IPA or 15 min TPM 60 min
Notes Notes
If washing with TPM, use a quick water
rinse after to ensure full removal of TPM.

There are two post-curing options for FR
Resin. Refer to the technical data sheet to
understand how different options affect
mechanical properties, and choose the
post-cure option that is best suited to the
intended application. To achieve the highest
HDT of 111 °C @ 0.45 MPa: Post-cure parts
in Form Cure for 120 min at 80 °C. For
applications that do not require the
maximum heat resistance but offer more
toughness, post-cure parts in Form Cure
for 60 min at 70 °C.

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