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LAYCeramic Ceramic Filament - 3.00mm (1.0kg)

1.0kg of 3.00mm LAYCeramic filament, coiled and ready for 3D printing.

Product No. M7RE5J6P
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From the developer of some of our favorite filaments like LAYWOO-D3 and LAYBRICK, LAYCERAMIC might just jump to the top of our specialty filament list. The reason this experimental filament is so cool? It is meant for firing into hard pottery!

This unique filament is a combination of ceramic powder and polymer. When heated further after extrusion by use of a kiln, the polymer portion will debind (250-500C), allowing the remaining ceramic portion to sinter (1200C). Sintering will cause the object to shrink about 20-25 percent. Once this process is complete, the print can then be glazed. 

Printing Requirements:

  • All Metal Hotend 
  • Filament Warmer (LAYCeramic can be brittle, so it is best to have it a little "warmed up" before full extrusion)
  • Kiln (not necessary, but to further enjoy the characteristics of this experimental filament, having access to one would be cool!)
  • For full printing instructions, please click here