Light Cherry Wood Flexible LAYWOO-D3 Filament - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

0.25kg of flexible LAYWOO-D3 wood filament, coiled and ready-to-use for 3D Printing.

This new flexible LAYWOO-D3 emulates the supple nature of a tree branch and will give your wooden prints the ability to bend further without breaking.

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0.25KG of 1.75mm flexible LAYWOO-D3 wood filament in light cherry color. This filament allows you to give your prints a fantastic wood texture.

You can print the filament in a range from 190°C to 250°C. Printing at lower temperatures will produce a brighter color while printing at higher temperatures will create a darker print. The printed wood will appear rough, similar to MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard). Playing a little with the material feed settings brings more craters or a smoother surface.

- Very little warp

- Rough or smooth surface possible during one print

- Paintable, grindable, carvable and stainable

- Printable tree-rings

- Sticks well to blue painters tape on an unheated bed.

- Will stick to Kapton tape on a heated bed (50C)

- Contains recycled wood and harmless binding polymers (still, we don't recommend ingesting)

- Similar thermal durability as PLA
- No need to store in a sealed bag or use desiccant (wood loves humidity)

Printing Tips
At print temperature LAYWOO-D3 is less viscous than PLA or ABS, a few extra steps can help improve your printing experience:
- Adding extra extrusion to the beginning of your print will help prevent dry extrusion during the initial layers.
- Increasing the retraction setting of your part during slicing will reduce 'leakage' while the hotend is moving between sections (especially over open areas).

LAYWOO-D3 will harden over time, for delicate parts allow 30-60 min for your print to set.

Alternating the temperature during your print (even by as little as 10 degrees) will vary the coloration, giving it a 'grained' look.

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