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Choosing an Ultimaker is a strategic investment in quality 3D printing. The MatterHackers Launchpad for Ultimaker provides you with an exclusive gateway to our knowledgeable engineers. With an hour of tailored assistance, we're committed to guiding you through a seamless setup, or focusing on the specifics of your particular workflow, ensuring you derive the utmost value so you can achieve stellar outcomes from your machine.

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Start Your 3D Printing Journey with Confidence

Purchasing your first 3D printer is a step towards realizing a specific creation goal. MatterHackers is dedicated to furnishing you with the tools and training crucial for a smooth start in your 3D printing journey. Our Launchpad package ensures a seamless experience with your new Ultimaker S3, S5, or S7. You can utilize your Launchpad to facilitate a step-by-step guided setup, from unboxing, software initialization, and calibration, to celebrating your first successful print. Or, if you already have your machine unboxed and set up, we can help fine-tune your 3D printing experience as it pertains to your unique workflow and materials. And, if you ever find yourself needing additional assistance, additional hour-long video sessions with our specialized engineers are available as well.

A Custom Experience to Suit your Needs

MatterHackers Launchpad equips you with the knowledge you need to get started with your UltiMaker. If you have a distinct project or material in mind, or you're keen to explore the fullest potential of your machine, consider enhancing your experience with additional Engineer Time. Dive deep into mastering engineering-grade materials like NylonX and NylonG, or transition from idea to design to tangible creation, all under our expert guidance. Our available services include:

  • Additional virtual consultations and training with our Application Engineers (in 2-hour slots).
  • On-site hardware setup and training sessions for individuals or groups, predominantly in Southern California. Limited locations are available across the U.S. For specifics, reach out to

No matter your 3D printing aspirations, MatterHackers is your launchpad to success. Every Launchpad purchase grants you exclusive access to our service for three months post-delivery, ensuring a smooth start with your new device.

For further details, contact our Sales team at

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