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3D Phil

Tagged: Digital Designs
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Introducing the new MatterHackers mascot: Phil A. Ment! Designed with troubleshooting in mind, Phil has several features specifically to put your printer through its paces. These features include: small inset details, small embossed details, overhangs, vertical and horizontal cylinders, fillets, chamfers, bridging, and even his perfectly domed helmet. On a well calibrated 3D printer, this awesome little guy prints well at any scale; from 12 millimeters tall to 350!  

Can you print Phil smaller than our 12mm print on the Peopoly Moai, or bigger than 350mm on the SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V3, send a photo to us or tag us in social media with #3DPhil and @MatterHackers and we'll include your photo on this page. Start printing Phil and get your printer dialed in today!

Printed in MatterHackers PRO Series PLA at a 0.2mm layer height and 10% infill.

Current Records:

Smallest Phil: 5mm on the Peopoly Moai by Chris Lee (@chimpusmaximus on Twitter)
Largest Phil: 350mm on the SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V3 by MatterHackers

As we create new ways to print Phil, we will continue to upload them and post them here!

As of now, we have:

  • For single extrusion printer: Astronaut Phil A. Ment
  • For dual extrusion printing: Dual Extrusion Phil Main Color and Dual Extrusion Phil Detail Color
  • For SLA printing: SLA Hollowed Out Phil
  • For laser cutting: a vector file! To engrave or cut your very own 2D Phil
  • For festive printing: Santa Phil designed by Bart Tangermann/De 3D Printman

Santa Phil designed and shared by Bart Tangermann, De 3D Printmann!