MatterHackers MatterHackers Reusable Spool Holder

The MatterHackers ABS 3D printed, refillable spool is designed to reduce plastic waste and can accommodate up to 1kg of filament. It is compatible with Bambu refill spools and features an eye-catching hexagonal fill pattern for enhanced strength and durability. It includes a male side, a female side, and spacing shims for easy setup.

  • Compatible with Bambu refills
  • 1kg capacity
  • Hexagonal fill pattern
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Product No. M-12J-VJ0H

MatterHackers presents their ABS 3D printed, refillable spool – an essential tool for all environmentally conscious 3D printing enthusiasts, designed to significantly reduce plastic waste.

The custom spool, which is distinctively branded MatterHackers, is printed in ABS material and features an eye-catching hexagonal fill pattern. This unique design choice doesn't just elevate the product's aesthetic appeal, but also boosts its overall strength and durability.

Capable of accommodating up to 1kg of filament, the spool is also compatible with Bambu refill spools, enhancing its versatility.


  • Compatible with MatterHackers filament refills
  • Compatible with Bambu filament refills
  • Dimensions
    • 200mm Outer Diameter
    • 81mm Inner Diameter
    • 67mm Width

What's included:

  • A male side (1x)
  • A female side (1x)
  • spacing shims (2x).


  • Identify the small block on the wider part, known as the locator. Align this with the notch on the inner ring of the filament roll, then insert the wider piece into the roll.
  • Insert the narrower piece, aligning its groove with the interior of the spool and the wider piece. Press firmly until it's fully seated.
  • Rotate the narrower piece clockwise until it clicks into place, indicating it's locked securely.
  • Ensure the spacing shim is positioned inside the spool, beneath the triangle.
  • Lastly, remove and discard the protective plastic strips.

These instructions are designed for ease, allowing you to get your refillable spool up and running quickly and efficiently.


Thanks to MediaMan3D for the original design. You can find his design here.

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