MatterHackers Black MH Build Series PETG Refill Filament - 1.75mm (1kg)

MH Build Series PETG is an affordable PETG filament intended for producing strong, quality 3D-printed parts.

  • Compatible with Bambu spools and printers
  • Reduce waste with the Re-fill design
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
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MH Build Series PETG Filament

The #1 Selling PETG Filament at MatterHackers!

MH Build Series PETG is the best-selling PETG at MatterHackers, making it the top choice for anyone looking to create strong, quality parts affordably.

Here are the top features of MH Build Series PETG: 

  • Strong, durable, and easy to print
  • Affordable - priced right for every user
  • Bulk pricing options - the more you buy, the more you save per spool
  • Tons of bold, unique colors to choose from - view them all here
  • MH Build Series is also available in PLAABS, and TPU 

Durable and Easy to Print

MH Build Series PETG is easy to use like PLA, but its strength properties are more in line with ABS filament - it's an excellent choice for those looking to move beyond using just PLA.  

  • Create tough parts easily
  • An excellent alternative to PLA and ABS
  • Great for creating parts for robotics, drones, and other mechanical parts
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What is PETG Filament

What is PETG Filament?

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate, glycol-modified) is a thermoplastic polymer that is known for its toughness, durability, and ease of printing. PETG is often used in applications where durability and strength are important, such as in creating parts for robotics, drones, and other mechanical parts.

  • It's really easy to print
  • Strong and durable
  • Lower tendency to warp and create fumes

Reusable Spool Holder

You can add on a custom MatterHackers spool holder if you don't already have one. It works and looks great. Made out of ABS and printed by our experts here at our headquarters, it will hold up for years.

MatterHackers Spool

Technical Specifications

Printer Settings:

  • Extruder Temperature: 245±10 °C
  • Bed Temperature: 60±10 °C
  • Learn more about how to succeed with PETG here

Spool/Filament Dimensions:

  • 1 kg spool
  • True Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm
  • Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.03mm
  • Density: 1.27 (g/cm³)
  • Volume: 0.79 L
  • Length: 327.36 m for 1.75mm & 123.43 m for 2.85mm

Technical Data Sheets: 

Click here to view all MH Build Series PETG size and color options. 

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