Peopoly Peopoly Moai FEP Film Vat

Peopoly's new resin vat for the Moai has a layer of FEP film, which decreases the amount of resin that adheres to it, which means more resin for printing! As the FEP film is used up, this new design allows you to disassemble it and apply more FEP film, for continued use. It's the next upgrade for lovers of the Moai!

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With the standard Moai Resin Vat, which uses a PDMS film, over time, resin left in the vat can adhere to the surface, which results in less usable resin for your prints. Further, the tank must be cleaned periodically as the resin builds up. With this new design however, resin will remain in its liquid state, thanks to the material FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) that coats the vat. Much less cleaning is required, and all the resin in the vat remains usable for prints!

Technical Specifications

  • Build Area: 128mm x 128mm
  • Material: Aluminum and acrylic
  • Components:
    • Frame
    • Plate
    • Tensioner
    • 1 FEP Film Sheet
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